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Skepticism on Numerology

Like all other metaphysical sciences, numerology also has a lot of skeptics. A number of people do not believe that numbers have innate meanings, and are more skeptical about the belief that numbers can actually influence human life. More radical skeptics refer to numerology as just another superstition pretending to be a legitimate art or science.

A number of numerology skeptics believe that there is no underlying principle, concept, or theory that supports numerological ideas. Because they believe that the effect of numbers of people’s lives is a myth, they also claim that using numbers to determine life processes and future actions have no firm grounds.

Skeptics believe that when given “readings” by a numerologist, people simply ignore details that do not fit them and focus on those that do. That way, numerological readings “seem” to be actually accurate, though for skeptics, these are basically guesses and coincidences. According to skeptics, people are usually inclined to believe readings that tell them what or who they want to be.

Skeptics also believe that numerology attracts people because people usually tend to look for “somebody” or something that could tell them about their hidden strengths, weaknesses, and inner desires that reinforce their deepest emotions and needs. Furthermore, skeptics also say that numerology feeds on people’s fear to make their own decisions and their tendency to look for people who would “know” and tell them what to do.

Numbers are perceived to have auras of both mystical and scientific authority, which makes numerology believable to some. Numerology is embedded on the belief that everything has a purpose and meaning, and this is one of the strongest reasons for people to believe in numerology.

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