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Psychokinesis Tests

Some people who can purpotedly move or influence objects and circumstances with the power of one's mind has what paranormal experts call as psychokinetic powers. There are some people who believe that not everyone is born with these powers, and only a few could actually be able to exhibit them. Paranormal experts and people with psychokinetic powers then have devised certain measures to test a person's potential.

Types of psychokinetic tests

Ball drop psychokinesis test

To measure one's psychokinetic powers in this test, one must be able to exhibit “control” on the ball and “influence” it to fall in the direction that one wants it to go to. There are online versions of this test where individuals who want to find out if they have psychokinetic powers can click on where they want the ball to fall to and find out their stats immediately. The more number of times it falls in one's favor, the more likely one is psychokinetic.

Controlling dice rolls

Another test to measure one's psychokinetic powers is by trying to influence the outcome of dice being rolled out. The more the dice turn out into one's favor, the higher the probability that one possesses psychokinetic abilities.

Flipping coins

A person has a 50/50 chance of flipping the coin towards his or her favor. However, when if out of ten tries, one averages 6.5 times, then one has the potential for psychokinesis. Instead of just predicting the outcome though, one can concentrate on flipping the coins in a pattern.

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