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Throughout history, there are many people who earned fame because of their psychic abilities. In ancient times, people earn the prestigious title of priest or medicine man because of psychic powers. As years went by, people became more and more cynical about paranormals-- many tend to view psychics with cynicism. There was even a time in history when psychics such as those who can foresee the future were viewed as lunatics. Even today, psychics are still viewed by many with a cynical eye. But despite the charge that psychics and paranormal events are baseless because they cannot be proven by science, there are still a great number of people whose names resound up to this day because of their psychic abilities. Below are some of the famous psychics throughout history.


Nostradamus lived during the later part of the Middle Ages. He was born in France and later made his way to Italy. In 1555, Nostradamus finished writing a book that contains 300 predictions including the death of Henry II. Although Nostradamus' writings were confusing, many still believed that he had predicted correctly some of the world's historic events. Many claimed that among the events Nostradamus prophesied were the presidential assassinations, the war in Iraq, and the 9/11 terrorist attack in the US.

Inggo Swann

Inggo Swann is probably among the most famous psychics of modern times. He contributed greatly in the field solving crimes by devising the CRV, or Coordinate Remote Viewing, a form of remote viewing (viewing in which the viewer is put to sleep yet maintains his or her consciousness) where the only thing that the remote viewer needs is the geographical coordinates of the subject. Swann was also the one who claimed that Jupiter like Saturn has rings. The claim was proven right when the Voyager returned from its exploration of Jupiter.

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