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ESP Tests

ESP tests are used to detect and measure the level of psychic ability of a person. ESP tests are often grouped according to the various categories of extrasensory activities. These include clairvoyant tests and telepathy tests. However, it is not true that extrasensory perception can be gathered by the use of paranormal abilities alone. Most ESP tests utilize the use of the five senses in order to utilize extrasensory perception. For example, psychics need to hold an object such as a ball, a picture, or a personal item in order to gather information using extrasensory perception.

A popular ESP test uses the 25-deck Zener Cards. Zener cards each contain psychic symbols such as the ring, the star, the square, a series of wavy lines, and the plus sign. The Zener card test requires a subject and an experimenter. The subject is located in one building and the experimenter in another building. The subject then tries to guess the card that the experimenter draws out from the shuffled deck of cards and lays on the table as each minute passes. The subject has a one-in-five chance of correctly guessing the card on the table. It is believed that those with the ability can "see" through the mind of the experimenter and see the card on the table.

The Ganzfeld experiment is another type of ESP test that places the subject in total sensory deprivation in order to facilitate better perception of the messages. Different types of ESP tests are also available online.

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