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What Is Bilocation?

Bilocation is the ability to be in two places at one time. This phenomenon has been recorded since the ancient times and holds a particular significance in Christianity as the ability of Christ to be present at the Last Supper both as the transubstantiated host and as Jesus Christ of Nazareth. History also holds a record of saints and monks who have exhibited bilocation, among them is St. Anthony of Padua, St. Alphonsus Liguori, and St. Severus of Ravenna. The phenomenon of bilocation also has its links to witchcraft, as those accused of witchcraft were reported to appear in the dreams of witnesses. An account of the phenomenon has been recorded by Matthew Hopkins in his book, The Discovery of Witches. Bilocation also has its place in pop culture. The phenomenon was mentioned in the cult horror classic Poltergeist as the gateway to the afterlife.

The state of bilocation is commonly associated with technical remote viewing, which is a young technology created 20 years ago. In bilocation, the total remote viewer enters a heightened state of attention, which is split into two to allow the viewer access to two places at one time. These two locations are referred to as the target matrix site, which is the location where the other half of the consciousness is projected, and the room or site where the physical body is originally located.

Individuals who enter into this state often exhibit confusion, decreased eye movements, dazed states, rhythmic rhyming and tapping, memory lapses, and uncoordinated movements.

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