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If you’ve spent any amount of time looking for quality Psychics on the web, you’re likely more confused than you are enlightened. The fact of the matter is, the internet is filled with amateurs, fakes, and those with little to no psychic knowledge whatsoever!


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Astrology is a group of beliefs that involve the study of heavenly bodies as they appear, move or affect one another at a certain time. This information is interpreted and related to the personality and events in a person’s life. A person who studies or practices astrology is called an astrologist or astrologer.

Bilocation is the ability to be in two places at one time. This phenomenon has been recorded since the ancient times and holds a particular significance in Christianity as the ability of Christ to be present at the Last Supper both as the transubstantiated host and as Jesus Christ of Nazareth. History also holds a record of saints and monks who have exhibited bilocation, among them is St. Anthony of Padua, St. Alphonsus Liguori, and St. Severus of Ravenna. The phenomenon of bilocation also has its links to witchcraft, as those accused of witchcraft were reported to appear in the dreams of witnesses. An account of the phenomenon has been recorded by Matthew Hopkins in his book, The Discovery of Witches. Bilocation also has its place in pop culture. The phenomenon was mentioned in the cult horror classic Poltergeist as the gateway to the afterlife.

Channeling is the process in which a line that connects the world of the living and that of the spirits’ is opened. The psychic medium or channeler is the one who initiates the opening of this line.

People who have the ability to see or ascertain objects, feelings, or events without direct contact or use of the five basic human senses are purported to have the gift of clear sight or clairvoyance. Clairvoyance takes its name from two French terms – “clair” meaning clear and “voyance” meaning seeing. Ironically, a person with clairvoyance or clear sight sees not through normal eyes, but with some other sense. Clairvoyance is also associated with precognition and retrocognition, or the ability to “see” the past and the future without actually physically experiencing any events.

Distant Readings
Distant readings are psychic readings done by psychics on individuals without even having to meet them. This method of psychic reading usually involves a person asking questions to the psychic and the psychic offering possible outcomes of the things that the person is asking about. The psychic makes use of his or her psychic senses in providing answers to the person.

Dream Interpretation
Dream interpretation is the process by which a meaning is assigned to a person’s dream. Dream interpretation can be traced back to the ancient civilizations when dreams were believed to be a way of foretelling the future. Dreams, during that time, were believed to be a method by which a person receives divine intervention or a supernatural message. It was believed that only gifted people were capable of interpreting these messages that were sent through dreams.

Extrasensory Perception
Extrasensory perception is the ability to procure any information through paranormal means, or any form of information gathering without using the five senses or past information. Extrasensory perception usually refers to the use of psychic abilities, of which there are five recognized categories. These are telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, retrocognition, and psychometry. In a more general context, the term is referred to as the sixth sense, a gut feeling, or a hunch. The study of ESP and other paranormal phenomena is called parapsychology. The term extrasensory perception was coined by J.B. Rhine, a researcher from Duke University.

History of Psychics
Psychics have been among the controversial personalities throughout history. People with psychic abilities, from those who can read other people’s mind to those who can foresee the future, are among the subjects of discussions and debates. In ancient time, however, people with psychic abilities were hailed as priests or medicine men.

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Modern Psychics
If you want to know a great deal about what lies ahead without leaving the comforts of your home, you can just consult psychics online. Psychics can let you take a peek at your future. They can read tarot cards for you. Some psychics can also give some predictions about your future by just getting your name and other relevant information about you, such as your birth date. And, what’s great is that you can consult them online.

Mysticism is the pursuit of knowledge or communication with a spirit, divine entity or God. It comes from the Greek word for ‘to conceal’ and is largely thought of by some to be an integral facet of human transformation.

Numerology is a branch of knowledge that deals with numbers, their hidden meanings, and their implications on human life. Considered as one of the divinatory arts, it is a metaphysical science that is similar to astrology, though astrology uses celestial bodies, and numerology uses numbers. Speaking of numbers. Did you know that the Mega Fortune Jackpot is currently over 1 million euros? If you want to find out how to win it you can visit NetentCasino.com and pick the best welcome casino bonus.

Palm Readings
Palm reading is the practice of reading a person’s palm as a form of divination. It is also called chiromancy (or cheiromancy). This term was taken from the Greek words “cheir,” which means, “hand,” and “manteia,” meaning divination. Other terms used to refer to the practice of palm reading are chirology, palmistry and palm analysis. In addition, the people practicing this form of fortune telling are called chirologists, palm readers, hand analysts, palmists, or hand readers.

Precognition is the perception of an event through paranormal means prior to the actual occurrence of the event. It comes from the Latin words “prae,” which means “prior to,” and “cognitio” or “getting to know.” This ability is closely related to presentiment, the perception of information about the future through emotions. Precognition and presentiment are often grouped under the general category of clairvoyance.

The saying that you can do anything if you put your mind to it rings bizarrely true when one talks about psychokinesis. The ability to move objects with a force coming only from the mind is aptly termed psychokinesis. The term borrows from the Greek’s psyche meaning mind, matter, or heart and kinesis translating to motion. History is littered with accounts of individuals who have been able to exhibit psychokinetic powers yet as advancements in science and technology grew, so did the number of skeptics. However, psychokinesis still remains as one of the most interesting abilities that one could hope for.

Remote Viewing
Remote viewing is the term for the ability to see or perceive things, ideas, or instances without actually witnessing it or being present at the time of occurrence. Making use of extra-sensory perception, an individual who is gifted can gather and relay information about unseen events or objects. Clairvoyants and psychics are often the people who possess abilities to perceive objects in this manner.

Research and Criticsim
Throughout history, psychic powers and paranormal events never failed to kindle controversies. This can be attributed to the fact that despite the charge that psychic ability cannot be proven scientifically, it is still patronized by many. Many people even explored various means just to develop psychic abilities. There are people who joined workshops and seminars on paranormal studies. Some people even enrolled in actual and online schools dedicated to developing one’s psychic powers. Some claimed that psychic detectives are responsible for solving various crimes in the US.

Tarot, also called “tarocchi” or “tarock,” is a form of divination art that makes use of a special deck of cards to be able to acquire insights on the present. One important thing to note about tarot is that it is basically concerned with the present. Whereas tarot readings can illuminate minds and prompt for action on the insights that tarot readings offer, tarot cards do not tell about what lies in the future. Contrary to popular belief, Tarot is not a system of fortune telling. Some people argue that it is a form of meditation.

Telepathy is the transmission of messages from one person to another without the use of the physical senses. It is the ability to communicate through means other from verbal and written communication. In most cases, telepathy is the ability to transfer energy, whether mental, physical or emotional or a combination of all three from one person to another. The ability to communicate through telepathy is believed to be an instinctual trait present in all creatures. It is believed that telepathy is used by animals as a survival tool. It is also a common subject in fiction and non-fiction.

Spiritual well-being is often thought of as something religious, but it actually is not. While religion could play a role in a person’s spiritual well-being, fact is, it is just not all that. When referring to spiritual well-being, it refers to a person’s condition of the spirit. A person may be physically healthy, but his or her emotional, psychological, and mental state will all tell if he or she is spiritually healthy or not.